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Credit Union

Conveniently located at 1513 South 18th Street in Centerville

Laura, Denise & Shona are here to help you with your financial needs!

Laura, Denise, Shona

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Vehicle Loan Special
3.25% APR

*Special includes 2015, 2016, 2017 vehicles with up to 50,000 miles., and financing for up to 72 months.

3rd Quarter 2017
Minimum balance is $5

.50% APY
(Actual Rate - .50% as of
Subject to change without notice

Fixed Rates APR eff. 10/1/2016

Year APR Rate
New Vehicle
up to 84 months

2015 & newer
2014 & older
Rates subject to change
without notice
Share Secured
2% over share rate

Mastercard Logo
Cardholder Agreement
10.00% APR
25 Days Grace Period for purchases
Average Daily Balance - Method of Computing the balance for purchases
No Annual Fee
No Minimum Finance Charge
No Transaction Fee

If your Mastercard debit or credit card is lost or stolen, please call Card Services at
to report this.

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Credit Card alerts,
please click HERE



Priviledged Status
ATM Locator


Notary Services

Take advantage of our
Notary Services!

Remember, when you bring a document to be notarized into the credit union that it must be signed in front of the notary.

Photo identification will be required for all signatures that we do not personally know.

This service is offered free of charge to our members!

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IECU Loan Application


This service is free of charge. Sign up now by going to your Online Banking, select Self-service, select EStatements, select Enroll now.  This will eliminate paper statements and be a cost saver to the credit union (i.e. paper, postage, labor etc.).  Thanks!


Share Drafts are here!

Debit cards are here!

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If you are interested in
Online Banking

please click the link
and enroll online. 
Contact the credit union
with any questions.

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to the Industrial Employees Credit Union Website!

The IECU welcomes all current and retired Bemis employees to take advantage of the many services offered. We have savings plans and several loan options for you! Call Shona or Denise today to get started!


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Check out our new service that we offer to our members free of charge!! This new service is  for Credit Card members to be able to make Master Card  payments, view  recent activity, and view their statements. 

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Longing for new space?
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Home Mortgage Loan!
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3rd Quarter 2017 Closings

Monday, September 4, 2017 - Labor Day


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Remember to check with us regarding financing your new or used vehicle, RV, boat, or motorcycle. Call us for details.


2017 IECU Board of Directors
Wayne Devore - Chairperson
Dennie Fenton- Vice-Chairperson
Kim Koenen - Secretary
Ron Logston - President / Treasurer

Audit Committee
Jim Thomas - Chairperson
Tammy Farley
Jerry Bubenyak
Pat Snider

Credit Committee
Dennie Fenton - Chairperson
Randy Berry
Don Kanselaar
Dustin Blaser


as of 06/30/17

Assets $8,938,827
Shares $7,582,221
Loans $4,264,113
Members 1031







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